Hey, dudes of the internet! Are you on Tinder? How about Match? Plenty of Fish? OkCupid? Whatever dating sites you guys use, you’re all probably looking for some sort of relationship, whether it be long-term commitment, or just about getting some for one night. In any case, here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to internet dating.

DO: Be interested in getting to know someone, and be communicative.

DON’T: Expect an answer right away and start sending “?” and “Hello?” after a couple of hours goes by without a response.

DO: Exhibit a sense of humor.

DON’T: Maybe not this sense of humor.


DO: Put up recent, flattering, but accurate pictures.

DON’T: Whatever this is.


DO: Speak respectfully to and about other people. Don’t make value judgments about their lives.

DON’T: Be this asshole.